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Re: Help! Image type changes mid-DP!

Hi Jeffrey,

I'm glad you have found a work around for now. I tried unsuccessfully to
duplicate the problem you are seeing on a Windows-7 64-bit system.

If you are not running AIJ 3.1.0 (Toolbar->Help->About AIJ), go to
Toolbar->Help->Update AIJ and click OK (making sure 3.1.0 shows in the
"Upgrade To:" box). Once the new version is installed, AIJ will
automatically close. When you reopen AIJ, you will be running the new
version. If you were running an older version, left me know if the new
version solves the problem.

If an upgrade to the latest version does not solve the problem, could
you find a minimal set of raw bias (and flat files as needed) that I
would need to duplicate the problem on my end and transfer those to me
(Dropbox, google drive, etc.). I'd like to figure out what is going
wrong here. Also send me a screenshot of your DP settings panel. If you
need to transfer files, send me a message at karenacollins &^%$ at
()&^!@ outlook #%#$ dot #&#^% com (hopefully you can decode that).