MacroRecorder does not work

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MacroRecorder does not work

I have tried recording a macro using the ImageJ Macro Recorder but this only records the ImageJ commands - the AstroImageJ commands are missing.

Is there a way round this or is this something that will be fixed in a future release ?


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Re: MacroRecorder does not work

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Hi John,

In general, AIJ functionality is less like a plugin, and more like an
overlay of a program, so the complexity of making the macro recording
work could be a lot of work. For example, trying to set up Multi-plot or
Multi-aperture using a macro would be very complex. This is one reason
the user can save specific plot and aperture setups to a file which can
be reloaded later. Those files contain many, many settings though.

Can you explain in particular what AIJ functionality you are trying to
include in a macro?